Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodbye Hello

Dear Friends, 

Maybe "Goodbye Hello" isn't the best title for this post. Maybe I should have titled it "It's time for a change." Either way, I've come the the conclusion that it's time to revamp my blog. When I started this blog about 18 months ago I was not yet a mom. Now I spend my days with a wonderful little 11 month old boy (who is growing too fast in my opinion). This means that my cooking has changed. I spend a lot of time preparing fresh food for Miles, and he requires a lot of my attention. Dinner for Roy and me has become whatever is fast - spaghetti, stir fry, salads - nothing bad, just nothing particularly blog-worthy. Gone are the days of trying a new and time-consuming recipe from my latest issue of Bon Appetit, at least for now.

Somehow though, despite the busyness of taking care of a child, I find that I still like to bake. There is something relaxing to me about measuring and sifting, and something satisfying in seeing batter transform in the oven.  Often on the weekends I will bake to relax while Roy and Miles play together. 

So, I've decided to keep blogging but instead I will focus on desserts and sweets. I will still share savory dishes from time to time, but I hope my new site will be a place you look when you are in the mood for something sweet.

Please visit my new site and update your readers. I hope you will keep reading and send me your feedback. I have really appreciated all your funny and sincere comments on my recipes so far. You inspire me to keep posting!

See you soon,


PS Don't worry, I will transfer all of my old posts to the new site, so you can still get the recipes there.

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